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Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut State Initiative: PLANT CONNECTICUT - BE A CONSERVATION CHAMPI

2017-2019 President's Theme and Project - Ingeborg Venus

Support a Healthy Environment for Today and for Future Generations

Conserve Water

Assist Pollination

Garden Naturally

There was deficit of more than 12 inches in rainfall during 2016 that had substantially dropped our water table, and reservoirs were at an unusually low levels. Let's strive to CONSERVE WATER.

Explore xeriscaping

Install rain barrels

Use drip irrigation

Design rain gardens

Mulch trees and shrubs

Downsize your lawn

Indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides is raising havoc among our pollinators. Some bee species are approaching extinction. Let's strive to ASSIST POLLINATION.

Avoid chemical pesticides

Plant native trees and shrubs

Plant native perennials

Cluster flowers by variety and color

Plant successive blooms for all Seasons

There are many ways to grow plants in our own gardens, in community gardens, and in our town parks without resorting to chemical sprays and fertilizers. Let's strive to GARDEN NATURALLY.

Garden NaturallyGarden Naturally

In your own garden

In community gardens

Advocate organic practices at nearby parks and farms

Explore IPM principles

Use natural layering (lasagna gardening)

Practice composting

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