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Federated Garden Clubs of CT Awards 2023

Award of Excellence for a Large Club 

This award was given for our beautiful firehouse planters and annual plant sale. 

Individual Citations for Memorial and Public Gardens was awarded to 9 club members: Lilia Kieltzha, Vicki Griswold, Evelyn Anderson, Diane Roncaioli, Lori Zisk, Elva Stregowski, Bette MacCarthy. Cyndi McKinnon, and Dorie Wojcik.



Certificate of Individual Achievement was awarded to 7 club members: Peggy LaJoie, Barbara Schweitzer, Bonnie McNair, Amanda Stern, Jane Skinner, Devi Patel, and Nancy Drain. 

Federated Garden Clubs of CT Awards 2019 

Lucille Schavoir Award - 2019

Considered the highest award in the state presented to a Garden Club, we were honored to receive the Lucille Schavoir Award, a silver bowl, for outstanding work during the year. This included a major project to install a butterfly garden at Volunteer Park and involved working with the Berlin Parks and Recreation, a local nursery and 6 students from Upbeat. The club is commended for bringing together many contributors and turning unused land into a beautiful way station for pollinators.

Certificate of Individual Achievement was awarded to 3 club members: Bonnie M, Mary Ann M and Barbara S. They are recognized for their work planting and maintaining garden beds in patriotic colors of red, white and blue at the Worthington Ridge Soldiers Memorial. 

First Place in the medium size category for our Newsletter.


Second Place for our printed Yearbook.

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