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The annual Connecticut Flower and Garden Show will be held in Hartford, CT from February 22 - February 25, 2024. 
Information about the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show as well as the show program may be viewed on their website: Here

Success With Hydrangeas- Virtual

March 14, 7pm

The Kensington Garden Club is offering a free virtual presentation, open to the public, on March 14, 2024
at 7:00 pm at the Berlin Community Center, 230 Kensington Rd., Kensington. Lorraine Ballato, a
professional horticulturist, will be the guest speaker. Lorraine is an instructor at the New York Botanical
Garden and the Connecticut Master Gardener Program, and her writing is published regularly in many
horticultural publications. She has spoken on numerous gardening radio programs and her latest book,
Success with Hydrangeas: A Gardener’s Guide, is an International best seller. Through slides and
discussion, you’ll learn all about the proper care of hydrangeas including the many recent introductions
to the market that perform well despite over pruning and finicky weather.

Check out the The Federated Garden Clubs of CT HERE  for their  Calendar of Events to see local, state and national events happening this month.

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