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Our Newest Members

We welcome our newest members below to the Kensington Garden Club! To become a member, send us an email or message and we will provide you with information on our next club meeting.

Congratulations Rosemary Deming, our newest club member installed on November 16, 2023. From left to right: Carol Gooden, sponsor; Rosemary Deming, new member; Priscilla Esernia, membership chair.

Congratulations Betsy Bradley, our newest club member installed on October 19, 2023. From left to right are Elaine Matulis, sponsor and president, Betsy Bradley and Priscilla Esernia, Membership Chair.

Congratulations to Mary Kathryn LaRose for joining the gardening club. Mary Kathryn is on the left. Membership chair Kathy Ginotti is on the right.

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